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REC SUPERMICRO 105° - 412113

stainless steel

Extracoronal rigid attachment having: 
matrix with closed end of stainless steel; 

patrix 105° of stainless steel.

soldered to the primary part
PATRIX: soldered to the secondary part


Available options

Matrix: female Patrix: male, sheath and pin
►Two versionsintracoronal and extracoronal
►Two shapes: free travel and closed end
Four materials: resin alloy, ceramic alloy, stainless steel, 
non-residual burnout plastic 

Available also strengthened
Two materials: precious alloy and stainless steel
►Two inclinations: 90° and 105°

REC SUPERMICRO 105° - 412113 - stainless steel

Female height (mm) 4,0 
Female width (mm) 3,5 
Guide lenght (mm) 2,6 
Male height (mm) 1,4 
Male width (mm) 2,0 
Total lenght (mm) 10,4 
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