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Conometric polisher

Conometric polisher
  • Specifically intended to make conometric crowns
  • Eliminates the need to mill on metal, the conometric crown using the isoparallelometer. In fact it is only necessary to work the wax cap with conical burs, knives or thermal probes (usually 6°).

The efficacy of this system to make conometric crowns has induced us to realize a device that allows to do it in an easy and cheap way. It is possible to order SAT with or without micro motor. The desired equipment must be specified at order time

Included accessories

  • n° 4 Disc supports
  • n° 5 Felt discs
  • n° 5 Fine grain paper discs
  • n° 5 Medium grain paper discs
  • n° 5 Coarse grain paper discs
  • n° 2 Dust-proof discs
  • n° 10 Casting pins ø 3 mm

Sat - Conometric polisher

Worked materials
Resin -
Precious alloys ****
Non precious alloys *****
Titanium *****
Implants **
Zirconia -
Technical data
Machine dimensions (mm) ø 160x230
Machine Weight (kg) 6
Dimensions electronic feeder (mm) 195x190x80
Weight electronic feeder (kg) 4
Micro motor
Speed (rpm) 1.500÷27.000
Pressure (bar) 3÷4
Air consumption (l/min) 40
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