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Magnetic model holder AR1/MMD

complete model holder

AR1/MMD is a complete mechanical model holder, with magnetic locking that can be switched off, made up of:
  • AR1/MD base of high stability, easily inclinable, equipped with safety lock and a magnetic system that can be switched off. Designed for milling machines and parallelometers without air system and with steel basement. Fit for locking or sliding on the working plane by switching the magnet;
  • universal model holder plate A54/P, steady locking device for models of each size. Equipped with a simple, quick and reliable system to fix every kind of model. Ideal for attachments assembly and suitable for miling. It erases dead times of the plaster transfer and its inaccuracy;
Lower view of the model holder AR1/MMD Lower view of the model holder AR1/MMD 
Model holder plate A54/P Model holder plate A54/P 
Mounting of AX/E sliding plate to make easier the wax milling Mounting of AX/E sliding plate to make easier the wax milling 
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