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Abutments milling machine

Specific milling machine for the working of implant abutments so as to realize directly on them telescopic, conical and conometric milling.
It is a revolutionary instrument without equal that allows to carry out the milling of the titanium and of ceramic materials with an innovative procedure that eliminates all problems generated from the use of a traditional milling machines.
Sileno, in fact, is easy to use, reduces the work effort of the technician and eliminates (thanks to its exclusive transfer system) the problems of deterioration of the master models which lock the analogues of the implants.
Reduction of the working time, with consequent reduction of costs, and moreover reduction of the number and the wear of the tools.
The milling machine Sileno can be demanded since the origin in Omnia configuration or can be equipped in a second time with a Omnia Fa set, composed by a column which supports a pantograph arm, that allows the milling machine to be used in traditional way that is to say to make “free hand” milling on the model.


Sileno - Abutments milling machine

Worked materials
Resin -
Precious alloys ****
Non precious alloys *****
Titanium *****
Implants *****
Zirconia ****
Technical data
Machine dimensions (mm) 400x400x350
Machine Weight (kg) 30
Dimensions electronic feeder (mm) 195x190x80
Weight electronic feeder (kg) 4
Speed (rpm) 1.000÷20.000
Pressure (bar) 3÷4
Air consumption (l/min) 40
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